Sunday, July 19, 2009

Global Warming/Global Freezing. It's just a cycle.

If I remember correctly global warming leads to the freezing. Ice Caps melt leading to cooler oceans, ocean breeze and temperature lead to colder air and different storm patterns and weather patterns. Global warming is the first step to an ice age. Somethings happening and it's not good for us humans, but then again earth is on a cycle that cannot be stopped by humans. It's a cycle we must deal with. Sure we might be speeding up the process but we are not the sole cause of it all, we are just helping it a slight bit.

To hell with Gore, Obama, or any other political figure. They just are trying to make bank on whatever they can. The human race thrives on being scared and feeling threatened and the thought of an apocalypse and the idea that they can fix it. It's not possible, we can only learn to deal with the changes. It might mean millions of human lives lost and a major loss in food. But the human race has survived through an ice age before, we'll just have to do it again. Get your fishing, hunting, trapping, survival skills sharpened and just prepare. Even if you don't need it atleast you have it just in case. I'm prepared for anything that might possibly go wrong, except having to pay higher prices that keep getting higher while not getting any more money from working.

I know Obama and Gore are making bank already, and they're going to continue to make even more now, that's all I'm saying. The human race is gullible so why not take advantage of it. It's not going to stop here with oil, and electric tax, and taxes on 90% of the things bought. Soon we will be taxed for walking with shoes on because shoes break off tiny particles of rubber that are slowly eating away our atmosphere, then we'll be taxed for walking barefoot because the tiny skin particles that wear off of our feet while walking will cause problems for a rare snake species which wont be able to breed with our skin particles on everything. Sure I'm making it up, but hey they make up a lot of shit to but they can get away with it. It's no longer President Obama it's Cult Leader Obama, and Cult Leader Al Gore. Just a bunch of cults with a bunch of made up shit to get people to listen and follow. We need to stop thinking with the government and start thinking outside the government.

Oh yeah, and it has been a cold summer this year and from the predictions this winter will be full of storms and cold cold weather. But then again the weatherman can't even tell me exactly what the temperature is RIGHT NOW, so why would I believe him when he starts talking a few months from now? Ridiculous.

Weather on Earth goes in cycles, with or without humans there to contribute. We contribute to the large carbon emissions given off by Volcano's, decaying plant vegetation, forest fires and so on. Human civilization is just a parasite on a pissed off mother earth, she's not our friend, she's our enemy, and you know what they say, you should treat your enemies better than your friends.

I think I've said my peace. Feel free to comment. And let me just say, I'm not saying that being energy efficient or trying to cut back on carbon emissions is a bad thing, it's a good idea and I'm all for it. If it were cost effective I would follow in the trend of it because it's a good idea, just it's not the cure all end all of our problem here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

People Complaining About Fireworks Parking Fee

So for the Plattsburgh fireworks people are STILL complaining about the $5 dollar fee they were charged for parking at the beach. The way I see it if people want the good view up close in personal fireworks then they should just deal with the $5 dollar charge, it's going towards the fireworks you just watched. Fireworks are not cheap. If you are cheap then you shouldn't have gone in that close. You could have parked on the side of the road in Cumberland Head like hundreds of other people and watched from the other side. Or maybe you could befriend a local Lake Side tenant with a balcony in the back and you could have front seats at Lake Side, I'm sure those would be a good view, and cheap.

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