Monday, November 9, 2009

Best Buy Honoring Price Screw Up

Well last week was the release of the much anticipated live dvd of Nirvana "Live At Reading" that I've been waiting for for many many many many many many many many many many years. So today not only did we get out of work early but I decided that because I have a little extra cash to buy something for myself (which happens once every 4 months or so if I'm lucky haha) I'll stop by Best Buy and get this dvd for myself. I'm a huge fan of Nirvana and have been ever since the video for Smells Like Teen Spirit premiered on mtv. Sure I was only about 8 or so then but at that moment I knew this band ROCKED. So anyway I get to Best Buy and there it is, one copy of the dvd left, thinking to myself "Damn you are a lucky bastard." I look at the price and it says $16.99, I think to myself again "Damn that's a wicked price for a dvd and cd combo." I get up to the counter all excited and the person working at the register looks like she's having a bad day or just is a grumpy SOB, I hate people like that you work with customers atleast fake happiness. She scans the dvd and says "That will be $32 dollars," I reach into my wallet and that's when it hits me.
So I look at the dvd and I look at her then look back at the dvd, then back at her, hoping maybe she'd see the price tag on the front. Of course she didn't so I had to be a dick and call her out "So it's not $16.99 like the price tag says?" She looks at it, huffs a little bit and slightly rolls her eyes, "Well since that's the price on the tag we have to honor it" she says in a not so happy tone. At that moment I get all excited that I'm getting this dvd and I'm getting it for half off! She calls the manager over to do the price cut thing and he tries to find some way out of it. The price sticker on the front blatantly says "Nirvana $16.99" now I know looking at the sticker that they obviously put the wrong one on there and it was probably for a cd. The guy finally just gives in and says "Yeah I guess we can give it to him for that."
So I got this dvd of a concert that I've wanted for so many years for half the price it sells for. I'm so excited I feel like a kid receiving a gift that's been on my christmas list every year for as long as I can remember. Thank you Best Buy for screwing up, and thank you for also having only the one copy or else I probably would have grabbed one with the full price tag.