Thursday, December 2, 2010

Donations If You Can

I'm not one to post online begging and pleading for people to donate lumps of cash to me. This is a bit different. This is a donation for my dog Jasmine, which I've discussed her recent vet visits and what her situation is. She's been to the vet's a couple more times since I posted about her last, but didn't feel like clogging up my blog with minor vet updates. Just brought her in because of issues with her blood glucose being too high and then not wanting to eat, only to find out that she's just a picky eater, and we probably had a bunk bottle of insulin to boot.

Anyway, my girlfriend has posted a blog post about Jasmine also asking for donations here at her blog. Now I'm also posting her paypal donation button on my blog (on the bottom of this page, and in the side bar) in hopes of anything. Not even asking for a lot, just a few cents here and there.

The Math:
According to Google Analytics I had 742 Absolute Unique Visitors in the month of November.
I'm sure that a lot of them are repeat visits, so I'll drop it down to half; 371.
Let's say that 371 is the number of visitors I receive each month. And each one of them donated $.50cents to me, that would be $185.50 each month.
Now I don't even need THAT much, and I'm not asking for that much. I'd be happy with $.20cents per visitor which would average to be $74.20 a month.
Or even $.10cents per visitor which would average to be $37.10 a month.

Her insulin is roughly $30 a month, and her special diet food is roughly $120 a month, and the vet bill is roughly up to... well we won't go into that price, but you can take my word that it's pretty high.

I'm just trying anything I can, asking for help in places I never ask help from. Any money donated will go to Jasmine's diabetes fund, which would go towards her insulin, special diet food, and/or to pay off vet bills.

Anyone who donates will be posted under my "Links" section at the top of my blog (right below the banner). So donate to get your name and link there. Also please leave a comment with your blog address.

So please feel free to donate as much as you want, $.10cents or $1, it's up to you. I know it's the holiday season and I have bad timing for asking for such a favor, but I need to give it a shot.

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Anji said...

i can't afford to donate any money, but I've sent you 100 conversion credits to keep your blog circulating for a while. if you're a member of BlogExplosion I can transfer some credits over to you there too (if the system still works), let me know your username if you'd like some