Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little Big Planet PSP

Well I never played Little Big Planet for the PS3 although now I'm tempted to go out and buy the game. Little Big Planet for the PSP is pretty fun. It reminds me of oldschool up-to-date mario brothers, and how can you not like Sackboy?! Such a cool little character with many things you can do to him. Change his sack style, give him hair, a purse, flippers, flip flops, pants, shirts, glasses, and you get more as the game goes on. You can also download a couple packs. The Lurve Pack, for Valentines day, and a few other packs that come with different sacks and clothing and other materials to add to your Sackboy.
I like to play games like Echochrome, and Brain Challenge. Those aren't the only games I play a lot but I noticed on the PSP those are the games I tend to be drawn to more often. Jax and Daxter is fun but I got a little bored with it after a couple levels. With only one joystick I can only play for so long on Socom. I must say LBP is pretty addictive. I find myself turning it off to take a break and 10 minutes later I'm turning it back on to play another level, or 5.
After playing this I will definitely be adding Little Big Planet to my PS3 games, can just imagine how cool it will look in HD on my 32" tv. Yes only 32" it's a perfect size for my needs and my house. The addiction to a video game has began, and hasn't happened since Uncharted 2.