Sunday, September 20, 2009

Discipline, GIVE IT BACK

I'm going to apologize for ranting now because I'm not going to want to at the end. I figured this is where a post like this should go so that's why it's here.

I'll start this off by saying I myself do not have a child but my girlfriend who I live with does have a daughter, and in turn I help to raise her because that's what responsibility is all about, right? Correct....

First I want to ask, what the hell ever happened to being able to discipline my child? Just recently saw on the news a lady who spanked her kid in a store because the kid was misbehaving, it wasn't a brutal spanking, just a slap on the ass and a "KNOCK IT OFF!" Now this lady had to go to court for CHILD ABUSE, that's right I said it, CHILD ABUSE for spanking her kids ass and telling him to knock it off. I don't know what caused the spanking or the yelling but that doesn't sound like abuse.
My girlfriend and her daughter were cleaning her room (daughters room) and my girlfriend tossed a flat piece of cardboard to the other side of the room, like a Frisbee, who wouldn't do that? Well the cardboard went off to the right a little too far and hit her kids forehead. Ouch poor kid, mommy kissed it appologized and the child laughed it off and said it was alright, it was a mistake. Well at school the little scrape on the forehead was noticed and later on in the day here comes good ol' Child Protective Services (go protect some fucking children you ass-holes!) because the school got in our business and felt like a tiny scrape on the forehead of a child was abuse. I could understand if it happened all the time, but this was once all that school year that she has had a tiny minute almost microscopic scrape.

Second, my girlfriends daughter is in second grade, in AIS (can't remember what that stands for but it's extra help for a learning disability). We're not sure if she has a hard time reading and writing or if she just makes it really really really really really really really difficult for us. For homework it's simple picture of an item we'll say it's FLAG, they show you a picture of a flag, give you the letters FL_G and they have to fill in the blank. Simple enough, she spends about 45 minutes on about 10 of those questions. Then there is 10 sentences they have to write each week in a composition notebook. Simple enough, do two a day right? Well 1 sentence and 30 minutes later we (my girlfriend and I) want to pull our hair out, sentences like "My mom found a desk and painted it for me" takes 20 minutes. So I came up with an idea of having her write things that she wants on a piece of paper and show us before she can get it, like "Mom can I please have a drink" write it out, show us, and you receive, we're not denying the child of it just making her attempt thinking and writing. Since kids are needy I figured this was a great way to get her to practice her spelling and writing. Great idea I thought, yes I was proud of it. Teachers looked down upon it, it's abusive and it's not helping anything. WELL WHEN SHE'S HAVING TROUBLE PUTTING THOUGHTS INTO WORDS IT HELPS!!!!!!! Yup abusive coming up with new ways of teaching a child, yes arrest me for abusing this poor child. OASDYGTPRFQ8YERWQJKEYIF that's how it mas me feel.

Apparently when CPS was here they informed us that having a 7 year old clean her own room, CHILD ABUSE.
Yelling at a kid, CHILD ABUSE
Use of any sarcasm just for joking around, CHILD ABUSE
Making them do work other than school work, CHILD ABUSE. Example: Picking things up in the backyard, sticks from the tree, child's toys, dog poop (which I would pick up not her). All these things are frowned upon.

YEAH well not listening to parents when they suggest extra help for a child at school sounds like PARENTAL ABUSE

When I was a kid, I remember getting spanked, slapped, put in time out in the corner, grounded, grabbed by the arm and dragged, yelling, all types of things and I turned out great.

They are taking away the right to raise children which seems to be the problem with children these days. You ever notice kids (under 10) saying "Fuck you" or calling you an ass-hole? I've heard this numerous times from children with good parents and with bad parents. Something about taking away discipline seems to be taking away from good parenting. A child needs a slap in the ass and to be yelled at now and then. They need to be told no and to shut up at times. Life's not that easy so why make it seem that easy to them as they grow up, it's only going to lead to failure, which is not anything this country or any country needs. It seems to be the goal in today's society, have a kid, give them anything they want.... it's almost like you have a kid and THEY tell you how it is, you can't put your foot down and do what's right.

I can understand if the abuse is visible and consistent, or if the child acts in the way an abused child acts. My girlfriends kid does NOT act like an abused child, she's happy, laughing, smiling, and friendly, that just screams abused child apparently, maybe then they would have the need to look into it, but one fucking scrape should not warrant the need to have CPS come to my home uninvited and go through my home like they're the police asking questions that have nothing to do with anything at all.

Lets look back 40 years ago, not much insanity, couple of murderers hear and there and some robberies and such, a couple serial killers and so on. Now look at the way things are today. I can't turn on my TV without hearing about some KID killing someone or some KID doing some out of control shit. I'm not one to put blame on tv and video games for this stuff because I grew up watching violent tv/movies and video games and like I said I'm fine, haven't killed anyone. I had the so called "abuse" when I was a kid, that kind of makes me stop and think for a second before doing something that's possibly life threatening to other people or harmful to other people. Yes we can call that common sense, but where did I get that from? From being DISCIPLINED yes that's right, discipline is a good thing, don't take it away, errr GIVE IT BACK I should say.

I want to just ramble for hours and hours and probably stop making sense soon if I don't stop now.

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