Thursday, November 25, 2010

60° In Winter Is Different Than 60° In Summer

furnaceWoke up this morning to a freezing cold house at 8am. Well actually it wasn't freezing cold, the thermostat said 60° although it felt about 40°. The furnace and heat were working fine before we went to bed. What the hell happened in the 6 hours I was asleep? When I got out of bed I turned up the heat to the usual 70°, I heard a click like usual but no air blowing. Scratching my head I then turn the heat down until I hear it click off. Give it a few seconds, in my mind I'm thinking "I sure am a genius this will work!" So I turn up the dial to the usual, hear the click and still nothing. Hmmmm... well then I'm no genius, but let's have a look at the furnace. I open the front door on it, and like any man that tries to fix something in their house whether they know what they're doing or not, I look in at the pilot... "Looks fine to me" I thought. So I look at the little knob that says "Pilot" push in for manual pilot and pull out for auto. It's on auto, so I decided to try manual. If one doesn't work the other should right?


Nothing but cool air started blowing out of the vents. Set it back to auto. "Hey look at this little trip switch, this must be the issue" I thought again. So I flick the little switch and close the door. AHA! There's the noise I was waiting for. Few seconds later it stops, still no heat.

Again like any man trying to fix something I feel I must get this. Who needs a professional when I'm a pretty smart guy? So I flick the trip switch again and hear the noise, then I push in the pilot button and still no heat.

I start getting frustrated as my girlfriend says "Someone will be here in 30 minutes to help us out." The guy gets here and tries the trip switch and that wasn't it. So he goes out to the fuel tank only to find out that the line has been frozen... or has it? After some tinkering around outside he lets us know that it was debris from when the gas truck came and filled up our tank. The sediment on the bottom was stirred up and must have clogged the tubes and made it so no fuel was able to get to the furnace. After which he gives us a tip, which we should have thought of; After a refill of gas turn off the heat for about an hour to let the sediment settle.

Now the heats back and working and my fingers and toes are melting and warming up. Which brings me to the statement that 60° temperature in the house in the winter time is much much MUCH colder than 60° in the summer.

Happy Thanksgiving <--- Felt I should put that in here due to the holiday. Stay full, and don't drink and drive.


Anji said...

You are so right about the temperature. Glad to hear that your problem wasn't too serious.

JamieDedes said...

This is too true.

Hey, I agree with your About. Blogs don't have to be about one subject. I have five - and I'm not a Gemini - but that gives me diversity. And Musing by Moonlight has varied subject matter.

You came to The Cat's Meow (red pandas today), which is run by my grandkitty, Gypsy. Thanks for you visit and comment.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Rhetoric Camel said...

@Anji Pretty happy the problem was an easy fix for the guy. It was funny watching him do all the things I already tried, until he finally went and looked at the tank outside.

@JaimieDedes It's really hard for me to have something on just one specific topic. Even if it's a topic I love, I can't talk about it all the time non stop. Need some breaks. The Cat's Meow is great, loved the Red Panda's. They kind of remind me of foxes. Thanks for the comments and visiting my blog. I appreciate it.


I agree about the temp lol. her in country australia we are getting cold nights 6 deg celcius, its nice, but back in august the same temp was icy, we had the fire going...odd.

my blog is all over the place for topics too...its the way my mind works haha

Rhetoric Camel said...

@IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY For a second I forgot your summers are different than ours, and was thinking you were feeling the opposite of what I was talking about. Had to reread what you had written. It's nice to see I'm not alone in thinking this.

Also glad to see another blogger like me. I'm a scatter brain so I have many things to say, which sometimes doesn't always make sense.


pretty much what i trip over today, i blog about tomorrow lol

btw it will be 30deg celc on xmas day here :)