Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cleaning my HDD

Blank DVD's are the biggest pain in the ass product to use as your backup, backup device. Trying to clean off and save 300gb of files you have stored on a spare hdd is not an easy or fast task. The disc says it holds 4.7gb, which would be nice if it did but I can only fit 4.5gb on the disc before it says "There is not enough room on this disc. Insert a larger disc." I'd love to insert something larger (that's what she said) but this is all I've got (that's what he said). Blu-ray discs are too expensive to use as a backup plus I'd have to spend a crap ton of money on the player/burner for them. So here I am cleaning up my hdd with these tiny ass disks making data dvd's to get the most out of them.

So let's do the math, I have 300gb filled (well pretty close to that much), and I have a stack of blank DVD's which say they hold 4.7gb but they actually only hold 4.5gb without it bitching that it's not big enough. So in order to clean my 300gb completely I will need to use 66.66666666666 discs... holy fuck, nope some shit will be deleted and/or moved to different locations. Or I just wont clean it off completely and get atleast 200gb free... which is still 44.4444444444444 discs.... yeah that's a lot of burning and a lot of discs.

One of these days I will learn that I need to back things up instantly to save myself this trouble in the future. Sure I tell myself this every time I get a hdd for backups but this time I mean it. Oh I can't forget about all the music I have, I need to back it up also but will not be removing it from said HDD, but it would be nice to have it for the day I turn on this computer and I hear a weird noise that sounds like little green plastic army men got thrown into a blender, only to find out the HDD has shit all over itself.

The moral of this story, back your data up early enough so you don't have to go through this hell. If you wait too long you may find that you have lost EVERYTHING you have.

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