Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Birthday

Well it's not actually my birthday today, I'm a few days late. Honestly I didn't feel like sitting on my computer at all on my birthday so I avoided it. My birthday was on June 8th. Not a whole lot to write about just wanted to mention a few things about birthdays.

First, why do so many people get so upset over their birthday? It has never made any sense to me at all. Every year on my birthday I'd have to say it is the best day of the year. I always wake up in a great mood, all types of energy and usually pretty damn happy with the day and the majority of what happens during the day. Even if it's not all about celebrating me. I don't even require that, although I do enjoy hearing people tell me to have a happy birthday.

Second, what's everyone so upset about at their birthday where they don't want people to know what day it is? Let people know, they'll be nice to you and appreciate you, do you not like that? Do you hate people liking you? If so why do you have friends and have contact with other humans if you hate being appreciated. Get over it, it's just a day, and it just so happens on that day friends and loved ones will appreciate you a little more than usually. Wow that sounds pretty horrible.

Third, why does getting a year older depress so many people? Were you not expecting this to happen? You've been on this earth quite a few years now, you should know what happens on that day. It happens every year. Plus you're not one age then magically another age on that one day. You're progressively getting older as the seconds tick, if getting old really depresses you, you should be in a constant state of depression.

Fourth, I had a great birthday. Worked, that was a great day at work. I don't know if you'll ever hear me say that about my job other than for that one day. Yes that's right I don't mind working on my birthday. Things actually went well. After work I met up with a few friends and went fishing. I didn't catch anything, except a slight buzz from a few beers. After fishing I came home to spend time with my amazing girlfriend, where we sat and watched TV and a movie in the comfort of our living room. All in all I couldn't have asked for a better 27th birthday. It's not about the gifts, it's about how you make it for yourself. People that despise birthdays need to cheer up a bit and learn to loosen up and relax a little, enjoy it. It could be your last. Seriously, how would you feel if you were moping around on your birthday and woke up the next morning dead and you didn't even get to spend your last day happy. Not only was it your last day, but it was also your birthday. Think about it. haha.


Leeuna said...

Happy Birthday -- a few days late. I'm gad your day was special and you gave us some great advice. I hadn't ever thought of it that way. I'll remember this on my birthday.

Rhetoric Camel said...

Thanks for the birthday wish, I appreciate it. I always think of these things whenever I hear someone mention it's their birthday and how much they dislike birthdays and so on. Then I always give it a bit more thought when it's actually my birthday. It really does make sense.