Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fishing Time

Well it's that time of year for me. Get a fishing license, grab some lures, make sure the pole is all set to go out to the lake and catch some fish. I'm not much of a keeper of fish but sometimes I do, nothing like catching your own dinner.

Well I went to Gander Mountain the other day and I bought me one of these Blue Fox Vibrax Shallow Lures (which I can't find on the Gander Mountain online store), because most of the time when I go fishing it's right off the shore and it's not as good to fish with a deep diving lure if I'm going to be constantly scraping it along the bottom of the lake and snagging it on rocks. So I went with one of these. I get to the fishing spot with a few lures I had just bought, but decided to try this one first because it looked the most pleasing and appetizing to me, thinking like a fish. So I put this shallow lure on my line (I had bought the one that is all the way to the right in the picture), cast it out into the water, had some good distance. I start to reel in the lure and within a couple turns of the crank BAM! "HOLY SHIT I GOT ONE ALREADY!!" I said, wow this is a big fish, holy crap, I'm thinking to myself. Just as the excitement is getting to me and I'm getting him closer, my line comes flying all the way up to the shore, no swivel no lure and worse of all, no fish. Had no luck getting any other bites that night, so I know what I must do. I must go back and get another one of these lures and hopefully land the next fish that decides it wants to eat it.

Can't give a full review since I've used it only once and didn't even get to cast it more than once. Wish I could have landed that fish... if I can find another one of these at Gander Mountain I'll be buying it. It might be my next favorite lure next to the Phoebe Lure.

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Leeuna said...

My husband loves to fish. He took our grandson fishing last night. They caught some good-sized catfish.