Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jasmine's Back From The Vet

Thursday I took my dog to the vet due to a very swollen ear. I couldn't even see the ear canal and I was supposed to be inserting an anti yeast medication into her ear once a day. This was nearly impossible to do with her ear as swollen as it was. I would have to pour it into her ear, and rub it in and hope that some made it in. After a week of doing that and there being absolutely no sign of it getting better, I finally got her to the vet to tell them about this. They kept her over night on Thursday so they could put her under and irrigate her ears. They saw how swollen and sore her right ear was and noticed her left ear also getting swollen. While they had her they found an ear polyp and zapped it out with a laser. While she was there they also trimmed her long nails for me.

Let me just say, Thursday night without Jasmine around was very odd. It felt weird, and I felt a bit lost. I missed letting her outside, telling her to quit begging while I'm eating food. I missed getting her food for her at night, and I missed her laying on the bed. Yeah I'm a bit obsessed with my dog, I'll admit it. Friday when we got her back was awesome! I know it was only one day, but she's never gone so it's just strange when she's not around. I have some antibiotics that I have to give her once a day for the next few days for her ears. The antibiotics came as a chew, why don't they make more dog pills and medication in chew form? It'd be so much easier than trying to hide the medication in a piece of food.

At the vet they did some blood work, and just about everything came back normal except her liver was on the low end of high, so she's going to need medication to help with it. The medication isn't a cure but it should help. We are still waiting on some X-ray's to come back, they had to send them out to a specialist to have them double check a possible build-up in the lungs. Kind of expected with her cough/gag/hack thing that she does. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's nothing too bad.

Well, all in all for an 11 year old Black Labrador I'd have to say she's in overall good health. I'll probably be updating about her again when the X-ray's come in and we get the results.

Click the picture above for the full size image of Jasmine if you'd like.

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