Saturday, July 31, 2010

Texting While Driving

texting while drivingOh my god, seriously how is this an issue? Are people really surprised at how dangerous texting while driving is? First of all if you have a phone like in the picture you need two hands to do the texting, and if you only use one hand it will take you longer, which means more time your eyes are off the road. One hand off the wheel is bad, both eyes off the road is, for lack of a better word, DUMB.

I remember in drivers ed they told you not to mess with your mirrors and especially not your radio while driving. You also should keep both hands on the wheel and never take your eyes off the road. Hell I remember those things at the 5 hour course, and on the written test also.

So now we've got laws saying that you can't drink and drive. Really we can't drink and drive? I wonder why not? *Slugs down a beer, takes a step falls over* Nope I'm still good to drive *Goes to lean on you and misses your shoulder* Yup I'll be better once I'm sitting down behind the wheel... dumb law that never should have been needed. It's common sense.

And we can't talk on our cell phone's while driving because for some reason people can't watch the road and have a conversation at the same time. These people need a one seater car, because if they have any passengers they'll most likely get in an accident. I can understand if you have to dial the number, then you're not looking at the road when you're dialing and a kid, animal, another car, or some figment of your imagination could pop up right in front of you. Don't you hate when trees jump in the middle of where you're driving? I wish they'd stop doing that to people.

DO NOT PLAY WITH THE RADIO WHILE DRIVING. That was a huge thing when I was learning to drive. Pick what you want to hear before taking off, or pull over to adjust. Yeah, no one does this. Hell I don't even do this, but it's a good rule. I also don't look down at my radio when I am adjusting it.

Now with all those kinds of rules/laws in effect we get texting phones, and teenagers getting their licenses and thinking they can text while they're driving down a busy highway at 65mph. I'm not saying no one ever warned these kids. What I am saying is that these kids are, again lack of a better word, FRIGGIN DUMB!! Who the hell honestly gets in their car with their cell phone, straps on the seat belt, puts the car in drive, gets into traffic and decides "Hey I'm going to text my friend and let them know that I'm almost to their house," seriously? Since when is this a good idea to focus on typing a message to someone while your driving a vehicle?

Recently over in my neighboring state of VT, they actually set up a road course for teens to try and drive through while texting. Obviously they all failed miserably because they weren't looking where they were going. After running the course all the teens had said "It really opened my eyes to how dangerous it is to drive while texting." Again, are you serious? You had to run this course to notice the dangers of this act? You couldn't just use some logical thinking and come up with a conclusion like that? You had to actually do it and see it? Must be a see it to believe it type of person... a lot of people must be this way. Which scares the living CRAP out of me!

To me the fact that any state or any law maker or anyone in general had to pass the law of "No Texting While Driving" is just sad. Common sense, where the hell is it today? It's gone! That was a waste of time and money to pass such an obvious law.

Here are some laws I'd like to pass that shouldn't ever need to be. If we need one for texting and driving then we might as well have these laws:
  • No Tying Shoes and Driving
  • No Sleeping and Driving
  • No Exercising and Driving
  • No Looking At The Person In The Back Seat and Driving
I'm sure there could be many more but I think you get the point. Stupid law for stupid people.


Jan said...

The problem with passing law after law is that law breakers ignore them and the rest of us have to pay for their ignorance.

Tнє ህαℓєntìnє gìяℓ said...

This guy knows what he's talking about ;)

Anji said...

I can't help wondering how these people managed before there were cell phones - I suppose they were rolling cigarettes, putting on makeup, flossing their teeth, etc.

Joanna said...

The 1st time I heard about this I thought it was a joke, but apparently I was wrong. Oh and yes people are really stupid!! If it's that important why don't people pull over? I just don't get it.

Little Miss said...

Don't forget, no sex and driving - they should pass that law too. Oh yea, and I saw a girl behind me doing this the other day (which she almost rear ended me) no putting makeup up on while driving :/

Doug Stephens said...

I actually WAS rear-ended last year by someone TWD (texting while driving). Jerkwad.

His insurance paid the claim immediately, which was a first. I don't think they were very happy with him either.

Alex said...

People taking driving for granted. Hence the multi-tasking, I guess. We've had several deaths in the area due to texting and driving - an overwhelming majority of them were teenagers.

I saw a sign today: Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet him.

Marie said...

Unfortunately, people (except for us of course, lol) are idiots. They think they are invincible and that rules don't apply to them because they are in some way superior.

I live on the Jersey shore. Hordes of people wait until the lifeguards leave every night so they can get onto the beach for free. And they go into the ocean. Which has been churned up due to hurricanes. The result is predictable, two drownings in as many days. All because they think it won't happen to them.

Rhetoric Camel said...

Marie I completely agree. Everyone seems to have that "It can't happen to me" attitude. It's not the best attitude to have since we are all human and ANYTHING can happen. No matter how invincible we think we might be.
I can't believe somewhere out there, there is someone who believes swimming in a churned-up-due-to-a-hurricane ocean without a lifeguard on duty is a good idea. Don't get me wrong every time I swim, I do it in a non lifeguard area. But I would never do that in Hurricane infested waters.
Just like texting and driving, I wait til I'm at my destination or I pull over, or had the phone to my passenger and tell them to type back for me. With my eyes on the road and watching for deer or children on the side of the road I'm too busy to look away to send a text.