Friday, July 16, 2010

Trying to Capture a Beautiful Moment

Photographers are always trying to catch a beautiful moment on camera. Whether it's animals, water, the sun setting, the middle of the woods, or just another person. This lady must have been trying to capture a beautiful moment on her camera of a cute Kangaroo hopping around in a field. Moving in to get her shot, the right angle, the right lighting, the correct shutter speed. Everything must be perfect. Try to get in a little bit closer for the shot hoping not to scare away the cute animal. Just as she's about to take her picture, she gets sucker punched right to the face. Of course someone captured that beautiful moment from a safe distance. So who's the true photographer? The one getting a quick sucker punch by a cute lovable Kangaroo, or the one that captured the moment from a safe distance? Quite honestly I can't give a conclusive answer due to the fact that I can't see sucker punch lady's pictures. Although she does look to be taking it quite well. You think she fought back or grabbed her camera and ran away?


blog tips said...

Really beautiful picture, I really love this picture, Thank you for sharing.

Ms. JM said...

This picture is awesome. Great Shot. I have added your blog to my blogroll. I look forward to reading more.

Brand New Day said...

Maybe Kanga "just wanted a hug" but was rejected? (see Smelly Cheese's post:

Like your set-up RC!

Kath Lockett said...

I've used this shot on my blog a while ago too.

As an Aussie, I'll tell you a true story - one of my friends was actually born a couple of weeks early because his mother got punched by a kangaroo during a visit to a nature park!

Rhetoric Camel said...

Thank you everyone for the comments and following me. I appreciate it.