Saturday, July 3, 2010

Zebra Spiders

Also known as Jumping Spiders, or their Latin name Salticus Scenicus. I've captured one in an old makeup container my girlfriend gave me. I decided to break out my Kodak Zi8 and the macro lens attachment I bought for it from
These are probably the only spiders in existence that I actually like. They don't scare me like most spiders I've come in contact with, they're not creepy, they're actually kind of cute.
Well I just wanted to make a post about these cute little creepy crawlies and share a couple of the videos I've taken of it. So here they are, hope you enjoy. And if you'd like to view them in 720p HD, then go directly to the videos on youtube.

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Anji said...

Excellent pictures. We have little black spiders that jump here. As you can see their legs don't look muscular. I discovered that they use compressed air to jump - amazing.