Friday, May 28, 2010

Food Blogs and Twitter

I'm just curious what is up with all the food blogs and food posts on twitter and so on? Why do people feel the need to snap a picture with their cell phone of a meal that they just ordered from some restaurant? What is this need people are feeling? I just don't get it.

The last thing I'm thinking when I walk in to a restaurant, sit down, order, and receive my meal is, "Hmm let me get my phone out, snap a picture and post it on my blog and say how delicious it is." I could understand if you are a restaurant reviewer or something. Of course I'm not saying you can't do it, but just wondering why? This is only happening recently and I'm blaming all these "smart phones" that dumb asses have. Not that there's anything wrong with one of these phones, unless you have it and you don't use it to look things up on the go. One example someone with an iPhone called me up one day and asked me to look up a specific thing that he wanted to know, and he told me to look it up because he was at a place he couldn't use his phone. I was thinking to myself, if you can't use your phone how are you calling me from it? I know he has his 3g service all over town so how is he unable to look it up? Anyway I helped him up, looked it up and everything was happy. I just don't get how you can have it and not use it to your advantage.

Food posts make me hungry.

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