Monday, May 3, 2010

Is a National ID Card a good idea?

Go and vote No!

Why is it so hard for American employers to find these illegal immigrants? If the employers did their job properly they would know before hiring if the person is illegal or not, and from there contact the proper authority to take care of the issue. On a job application they ask if you are a legal citizen, ask if you have a green car, ask for your social security number, ask how long you have been a resident and so on. If the employer did a proper background check they would know before even hiring them that they are illegal.
No need to force us to carry around yet another card just to prove I'm a citizen, and give you my fingerprint. It's not necessary if the government were to actually do it's job right in the first place. Besides, we already have id cards. Passports, drivers license, picture ids, military ids, social security cards and so on. Why add yet another one? Pointless, and unnecessary.

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