Friday, May 14, 2010

Swat Raid on Missouri Family

Warning this video will piss you off to the extreme, especially if you love dogs and hate the government in any way.

The video is of a Swat Raid on a Missouri family. War on drugs has been failing since the day it started and has been the most useless tool to clean up the streets. The parents of this family were charged with child endangerment after a small amount of marijuana was found in the home, apparently the amount was enough for a misdemeanor charge....

So in conclusion, a small amount of marijuana = child endangerment. Raiding a house and shooting the family dog in front of children watching = necessary police action to ensure the family safety.
If I was this guy I would have ended up with a bullet or two in me after I noticed that the gun fires I heard were unleashed into my loving dog. If you've ever seen the movie "Shooter" you'd know what to expect from me in this situation.

Is marijuana really worth all of this trouble? Do we really need homes raided for a small amount of marijuana that will probably only last a person a week of casual smoking? Is this really going to harm a child if when the kid is in bed you decide to spark up a joint and watch a funny movie? Other than the groceries in your kitchen, what is smoking going to hurt? These swat team guys need a few bullets shot into them for this. I consider this raid to be a crime, whether they have a warrant or not. Next time try knocking on the damn door and asking to speak to the person and if there is resistance then take action (not by shooting the dog either you sick fucks!!!).

Knowing this happens so many times in an average day makes me sick.

Credit: Found this video from this site

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