Friday, April 16, 2010

3d Cross Eye Stereogram

I have recently been experimenting with stereoscopic images. I use only one camera to take these pictures and I do what’s called the “Cha-cha method.” I do have two camera’s I could use but I’m still working on designing and creating a rig to allow me to use two digital camera’s on video mode at the same time so I can create 3d videos. The two camera’s I have aren’t the same but the video quality of the two are so close that you won’t notice a difference when viewing…. but that’s a different post at a later time.

Right now I use my Kodak EasyShare Z8612 IS for these images. These are the first few pictures I’ve taken so far while experimenting, more will come soon when it gets nicer outside and there is more fun stuff to take 3d stereo images of.

The cha-cha method I mentioned above works like this: Take a picture with all your weight on your right foot. Keep the image centered and shift your weight to your left foot and snap the other picture.

I use a program called stereophoto maker to put the images together, so I don’t have to align them in photoshop and get it right. Stereophoto Maker is a great tool for this and if you give stereo imaging a shot I highly recommend getting this program, download here:

Now here is how you view the images

Make sure you’re a little ways away from your computer

Cross your eyes until you see a 3rd image form in the middle

Try to focus on the middle image

If you get it to focus you will see the picture pop out like you’re wearing 3d glasses.

If you have trouble getting it, keep trying. Crossing your eyes will not damage your eyes and you will not get stuck with your eyes crossed, those are just myths. Although crossing your eyes might give you a headache or an eye ache if done too much. I haven’t had any problems and I spent A LOT of time looking at these images before I started creating my own.

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