Saturday, April 17, 2010

Study: Pot Smoking Increases Risk of Psychosis

Mike Stultz a 17 year old breaks up with his first serious girlfriend and starts smoking pot. Smoking a joint in the morning and bumping up his high every so often with another hit or two. The kid now 24 years old was pulled out of college for a hallucinatory breakdown.

Stultz had become convinced his life was a reality tv show. Sounds like someone needs to back away from the television screen and get involved in REALITY! Stultz is blaming marijuana for his hallucination and breakdown.

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I have been smoking marijuana for atleast 10 years now. I have a job, a wonderful girlfriend, and a dog. I am responsible and do what needs to be done to have a good life. I don’t smoke pot and have mental breakdowns. I don’t smoke pot and lash out on people, I don’t smoke pot and want to kill myself or others. I smoke pot and it’s my wind down from a day of work.

Let me ask you something, how many American’s come home from work crack open a beer, or pour a glass of wine, or have a mix drink at night to wind down and relax? I can say EVERY person I know does this. I am not one to drink often. I don’t enjoy a beer every night, my relaxation is sitting down with a bowl of marijuana with a movie or a tv show and just relax. I’m not out harming the world with my marijuana smoking. I’m not out doing bad things. Anyone I know that smokes is also not doing any of these things. Have we not realized yet that “Reefer Madness” was not truthful at all. It was an overreaction to a drug that should not be criminalized anymore.

Sure marijuana might affect different people in different ways but I would have to say that people getting negative effects from it need to not smoke it. Period. It’s not affecting them negatively because it’s an evil drug. If that was the case then peanuts would be banned because many people are allergic to them. Red Dye number 4 would be banned because people are allergic to that. Everyone has different reactions to different things. Some people are even allergic to ALCOHOL which is perfectly legal if you’re 21 (in the US). We need to stop looking at marijuana as this horrible life threatening drug and start looking at it for it’s positive uses.

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