Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm sick of my computer, need an upgrade.

I have a Dell Dimension 9150, running Windows XP Service Pack 3. Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz 3.25GB Ram. I’m getting really annoyed with it’s poor performance. I’ve defragged and it’s done absolutely nothing. I’ve cleaned off the c drive removed programs that aren’t needed, I’ve shut down programs running in the background that could slow the performance but my computer just can’t handle what I need to do. I can’t watch a dvd on my computer the video skips like a kid playing hopscotch, same goes for youtube videos, hulu videos, abc videos, anything. I have a Kodak Zi8 hd camera and trying to watch the videos becomes a hassle more than an enjoyable viewing of a nice quality video, same goes for editing, I can’t even edit the video. I also enjoy using Autodesk Maya for creating things in 3d, while the program works smoothly at first it gets worse as I work on a project.
Damn you technology quit advancing so I can enjoy it before it’s obsolete within an hour of purchasing.
Right now I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 because it's the only thing that will allow me to watch a video on youtube or edit videos from my Kodak Zi8 without giving me too much problems. I love ubuntu, but my only problem with it is that I'm not running 64-bit, if I were I'd be able to install Maya and not have to worry about logging into windows. Things seem to run so much smoother on Linux than they do in windows. Not much lag if any at all. I can open google earth, regnum online, gimp, and have firefox all going at once and not miss a beat. In windows if I have google earth, firefox, and winamp open there is bound to be a crash or a lot of lag which gets really annoying. I never saw a need for 64-bit before but now that I know Maya only runs on 64-bit linux and not 32-bit I now have a need for the increased bit. My only problem with this whole situation is trying to save money (that I don't have) to buy a computer that I need for what I want to do, which isn't something I NEED, but it's something I want BADLY!


Benita Bolland said...

I hear you, Mike. Buying a new computer can be costly and impractical, especially if you are in a tight spot. But I think you and your PC are managing quite well, all thanks to your upgrades. The good thing about an upgrade is you can customize your PC based on your specifications, and it is more affordable than buying a new one.

Ruby Badcoe said...

Well, if you can afford not to spend cash to get a new computer, then you should go for it. Upgrades are really great in a sense that it allows you to surpass your current system specs without having to buy a brand new PC. The best time for you to buy a computer is when your current one is completely beyond repair.

Lakendra Wiltse said...

In my case, as long as upgrades make my computer work optimally, I’m fine with it. True enough, you get to save a lot of money from upgrading than purchasing a brand new computer. However, I know the time will come that my PC will have rest for good. I’m just really hoping that that time is not now coz I don’t have enough money yet. Hehe!