Saturday, April 17, 2010

I say, you think.

Well I came across this blog about Unconscious Mutterings. This person provided words and I have to say what comes to mind. Not keeping it limited to one word if I don't want to, so here it goes. The goal is to verbalize before monitoring, so that you speak what immediately comes to your mind when you see the word. There are no right or wrong answers, this is what I love about not taking tests at school, I can't fail at this.

  1. Habit :: Something I have a lot of

  2. Relaunch :: Because the first one didn't work as well as I liked

  3. Mondays :: Such a dreadful day

  4. Bootstrap :: What exactly is a bootstrap

  5. Funk :: George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelics

  6. Appreciate :: The small things in life

  7. Yay! :: Awesome!

  8. Life :: Has been good to me so far

  9. Sheets :: Need to be cleaned

  10. Date night :: never really had a date night, or really been on an actual date, kind of but not really

If you want to do the same thing but don't feel like typing it out copy and paste from below.

<ol><li>Habit ::  </li>

<li>Relaunch :: </li>

<li>Mondays ::  </li>

<li>Bootstrap ::  </li>

<li>Funk ::  </li>

<li>Appreciate ::  </li>

<li>Yay! ::  </li>

<li>Life ::  </li>

<li>Sheets :: </li>

<li>Date night ::  </li>


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