Friday, April 16, 2010

Government Rant

Apparently if you’re black and you’re against Obama (or not against him but just don’t like his leadership in any way) then you are an “Uncle Tom” or a traitor. News article:

Racism will never go away with views or opinions like that. Just because you’re black and you’re proud doesn’t mean you HAVE to like Obama. You’re political opinion should have nothing to do with your skin color.

“The republican party is viewed as mostly a white group and the democratic party is viewed as a black group.” Now we’re grouping and segregating by the color of the skin? We’ve been through this before, why the hell haven’t we learned? I thought the point of history was to learn from our mistakes? Maybe it’s the fact that schools aren’t teaching history properly, or maybe it’s because there are still too many narrow minded people out there having their opinions heard?

If you’re part of the tea party or you’re not and you’re just not in favor of Obama whether you’re black, white, yellow, brown, orange, green, or some kind of an orangish pink with an undertone of fuchsia, it’s not about you’re skin color it’s about what you believe in. If you believe you’re being taxed too much, stand up. If you believe you’re losing your rights STAND UP. If you believe that we are heading in a direction in which we’ll never return from STAND UP. If you feel we need a revolution or you feel we need to do something to stop this power hungry greedy lying corrupt government then you/me/we need to STAND UP and fight for what we believe in.

Black, white, yellow, orange, green and you orangish pink with an undertone of fuchsia people need to all band together as one, we are all humans. We are all created equal, and we all have rights in this country, slowly being taken away, but we still have them for now! We need to use what we have to MAKE the government listen. It’s “We the people” not “We the evil government” right? Or did I miss this change somewhere? We should have a say somewhere in what goes on with our country shouldn’t we? Am I being too optimistic?

Stop judging by race. Stop letting the government control you and make new laws that slowly take away your rights. We are FREE people in a FREE country. We are not slaves to this government and we never will be unless the people lose track of what’s important.

Everyone of all races must unite and be one in the fight against the power. Big brother is watching too closely for my comfort and it’s only getting easier and easier for them to do so with our rights being whittled down like some piece of wood. I seen new laws being passed that don’t seem to really make much sense other than to control us and baby us like some useless children.

Stop hate, and stop the government before it’s too late.


MacBug said...

I couldn't agree more. What's worse is we're being done in by the two party structure. And now with the tea party group I'm actually a little scared. Is this a third party or just a branch pretending to be one. Government right now sucks. I listen to a podcast called Common Sense with Dan Carlin (I also love his hard core history show) I'm not saying the man's 100% right but at least he's speaking up. More people need to speak up. What else do we have freedom of speech for. End rant. sorry. :)

Rhetoric Camel said...

That's fine, I want other people to rant to, let it out speak your mind! I'll have to look into Dan Carlin. I attended a local Tea Party last year when it first started up, I never attended another because their views were nothing like mine. I do not support the tea party's anymore.