Saturday, April 17, 2010

Doctors Overtreating Patients?

Well I just came across this article claiming doctors are over treating patients in America. I only have one thing to say, bullshit!

You can see that they don’t over treat and they don’t listen to there patients, just watch shows like “Monsters inside me” showing that people go to the doctors and don’t get properly examined or that they aren’t taken seriously with their concerns.

For example. About a year ago I went to the local health clinic because I have wrist pains. Not sure what is causing the pains myself, and apparently neither do the doctors. I went in the doctor asked what the problem was I said “Well when I bend my wrist in any direction or if I’m holding something heavy they hurt and sometimes it causes me to drop whatever I’m holding.” The doctor looked at my wrist and said “Well it’s not carpal tunnel” and made me feel his wrist of what carpal tunnel would feel like. So at that point I was like, alright that’s not what the issue is. Told him maybe arthritis and he said he doubted it at this point he says “Well quit smoking, and take 2 advil when the pain starts and that should take care of the problem.”

How am I supposed to take a doctor seriously when he says quitting smoking will make my wrist not hurt… anyway I don’t smoke anymore and I’ve tried advil and neither of these things have helped my issues.

I was also told to take medication to stop diarrhea when I was having some intestinal pain (which I still have even after taking the medication I was given), and I didn’t even have diarrhea and I told the doctor numerous times that wasn’t the issue, but nope not listening, and not over treating and not treating at all properly.

Doctors need to start listening to their patients and stop acting like just because they’re a doctor they can figure out anything without listening to you.

Makes me want to go to a vet. At least they can treat their patients properly and they can’t even talk!

This whole thing was started because of this article -

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